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The Village
Oreas Eleni
Discover Loutra Oreas Elenis, a charming village just an hour away from the city of Athens, known for its crystal-clear waters and thermal baths. This small, beautiful village has a rich history, as it was once visited by the queen of Sparta, Orea Eleni, the wife of Menelaus and the cause of the Trojan War, who -as the myth says- bathed in the freshwater springs near the sea.
The village offers something for everyone:
From organized beaches with water sports and fishing to exploring the nearby archaeological sites of Kechreon, Ancient Corinth, and Kyras Vrysis. For those interested in culture, the village is near several monasteries and churches, like Monastery of Faneromenis in Chiliomodi, Monastery of the Holy Cross in Mapsos, Monastery of Theotokos in Sofikos, and Monastery Agios Therapontos in Galataki. These religious sites offer both pilgrimage and an opportunity to appreciate exceptional architecture, elaborate iconography, and masterful woodcarvings. A must-see attraction is the theater of Epidaurus, known for its exceptional acoustics and timeless magnificence. Nature lovers will be fascinated by the green hill with an old windmill and stunning views of the Saronic Gulf and pine-covered mountains. Take a cruise along the Isthmus Canal to see the two unique submersible bridges and the turquoise crystal-clear waters with steep vertical rocks. In the village, you can enjoy a variety of facilities such as taverns, cafes, beach bars, mini markets, supermarkets, pharmacies and more.

Overall, there are 4 beaches in the area.
Loutra Oreas Elenis has 2 beaches, each lined with several taverns and cafes. The village's beach consists of pebbles and sand with relatively cool waters. You can find everything you need in the village's taverns and tourist shops. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the large beach at Almyri, the charming beach at Kechries, and the picturesque little harbors in Sideronas and Lichnari, ideal destinations for families to spend quality time together. In Loutra Oreas Elenis you can experience the perfect combination of sea, sun, and relaxation.